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fire is a big twat

There was a big fire two blocks from secret motel, yesterday. I passed by it after the firemen extinguished the fire. There was a shitload of firemen. And all these people were standing around, taking pictures of the building with their little camera phones. And local TV news crews were there. And helicopters coptered over the neighborhood. And the street was all wet. There's a Walgreens on the ground floor of the building. The upper three floors are all apartments. The top floor looked the worst: the windows were blown out, much of the roof gone, and the interior blackened. I felt horrible for the people who live there. Imagine coming home from work and finding your place gutted. The clerks in the liquor store were talking about it, this evening. They said that the whole building is going to be torn down. I hope that's not true. That Walgreens is really convenient. I've spent so much goddamn money in that store over the years. A neighborhood drugstore is a great thing to have when one does not possess the psychic-death shielding necessary for trips to Safeway. And I always enjoy watching the Walgreens security guard fistfighting with the shoplifters.

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