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last few days

In the last few days:

1. I almost got into a fistfight. I bumped into a guy who was talking on his cell phone. I refused to surrender my side of the sidewalk. "Do you SEE me?" he yelled.

"Do you see ME?" I yelled.

"You motherfucker!"

"Get off your phone, asshole!"

"I won't!"

"Get off your phone, asshole."

You would have been proud, dear imaginary reader, that I did not hurl any racial epithets or anti-gay slurs at him, though there were plenty filling my head. I don't think either of us wanted to really get into it. We were kind of edging away from each other during our verbal exchange. I think I could have taken him. He was a fat piece of shit. But nothing good comes from adults assaulting one another. Usually one ends up in the emergency room, and the other gets picked up by the police. I certainly didn't want to begin my weekend in a holding cell. But it would've felt so nice to destroy that cocksucker. I think it is wise that I minimize my contact with Earthlings.

2. I was in the mailroom. I was helping a middle-aged Asian lady send a package. She was so pretty. She stood very close to me and would sometimes touch my arm. And I thought about touching her--late at night, in the fall of light. When the whole night closes down.

3. And there was another co-worker who looked very nice. I wanted to tell her that she looked especially awesome but did not see her again until the end of the day. We walked down the hall together. I told her, "You look especially awesome today."

"Thank you," she said. "That's an especially awesome compliment to get from you."

My face got hot. My cock stiffened. I wondered where all these women go at the end of the day. When they look so nice. And walk away. Into another life I will never know.

4. I began and completed the weekend perfectly alone. I suppose this is a good thing. I stack crates of beer, brandy, and wine into my escape pod. I aim for a dark patch of space between the stars.

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