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psychic hearts go out to you

Today was the first day of a free three-day music festival in Golden Gate Park. I took the day off from work, so I could see Thurston Moore's hour-long set. He was here a couple months ago, but that show sold out before I got around to buying a ticket. So I'm glad I saw him today. And I paid NOTHING. They played an acoustic set: two guitars, harp, violin, and drums. For an acoustic band, they got pretty fucking noisy! I enjoyed watching other people in the audience turn and walk away. Most of the set consisted of songs from "Demolished Thoughts", but they played a couple of songs from "Psychic Hearts", which made me pretty happy.

Music was played on three other stages in the park. I heard Robert Plant and his new band playing somewhere in the park, after Thurston's set was over. I'm not a huge Plant/Zep fan, but thought I might check out his set. I started working my way over to that end of the park. There was a SHITLOAD of people. I got a little uncomfortable and decided to call it a day and head out.

I made it back to one the roads that was still open to traffic passing through the park. I saw an SUV parked by the curb. The whole front of the vehicle was on fire! There has been an awful lot of fire on the periphery of my life this week, dear imaginary reader, and I'm not sure what that means. But I have a bad feeling about it.

Anyway. I kind of enjoyed my little outting in the park. I bought overpriced coffee and listened to music and watched people come and go. There were so many pretty ladies in shorts and late summer dresses. Everyone looked like they were enjoying their lives. I wish I enjoyed mine more often. And there was about an hour of daylight left in the sky. The light slanted through the park and looked sharp enough to peel the bark from trees. It made everything and everyone look so beautiful that it was painful to look at. Do you ever experience that? That feeling that something looks or sounds so beautiful that it crushes your heart into a fine red powder and makes you wish you were never around to experience it?

That horrible feeling stayed with me, as I made the long walk back to secret motel. I want it gone. Gone, gone, gone. I'm drinking another beer. And waiting for my breath to return. So I can go to sleep.

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