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crimewave in the christmas lights

The saucey receptionistas expressed disappointment that I left them Friday night. But they still insisted that I join them on their next outting. Yet they seemed less interested in me during my visits to the front desk to retrieve packages. I ruin everything.

The Christmas trees, lights, and decorations went up in our office today. It's all kind of pretty and very horrible. The holidays never fail to ruin a perfectly good winter. But I fight back with my sonic defenses. I've been on a blues kick lately. Last night, at Amoeba, I picked up a compilation of songs recorded by Blind Willie McTell in the 1920's and '30's. I played that in the mailroom this morning and, for a while, kept everything horrible at bay. And now I'm listening to a vinyl compilation: "Chicago Blues: The Early 1950's". And I'm drinking isolation fluid.

And I'm starting to enjoy myself.

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