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watch them walk away

The receptionist stood outside the mailroom and asked me, "Harold, are you having a bad day?"

I stood very still and blinked my eyes.

"Do you need alcohol?"

I stood very still and blinked my eyes.

I closed the mailroom with a Spacemen 3 album, "Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To". I walked fast to Market Street. There are fewer tourists now that the year is darker. I enjoy a clear unobstructed path. I love the feeling of my body propelling itself forward, the heat in my legs rising.

And now sitting in dim light of secret motel, drinking isolation fluid and listening to John Fahey's "Red Cross". All the bad thoughts have gone out dancing for the night. I hope to be asleep when they return. And I enjoy this peaceful moment in an empty room, in an empty mind.

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