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money falls through an empty life

Worked a ton of overtime, this week, including ten hours today on a rare working Saturday. Our group now helps out at multiple locations. So when a company under our umbrella moves from one building to another, we go in and supervise the moves and make sure everything works and looks nice. I'm told I do a good job, but I usually feel dumb and useless for anything but the simplest tasks. I had a little downtime earlier in the evening. I went into a conference room that had a nice view of the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge. I thought about calling R. on my dumb phone. I haven't talked with her in weeks. I never know when it's a good time to call. She's pretty busy, these days, with her new daughter. I miss her. I decided not to call, got myself a coffee, and waited to be dismissed for the night.

It feels strange to be sober for a whole Saturday. But I'm correcting that, now that I'm back in the room for the night.

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