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no country for old harolds

1. Just completed my first full week back to work. My bosses and I were resetting the office in preparation for a limited number of employees to return, as needed. I was basically taking apart most of the things I helped put together when we moved into that building a couple years ago. I felt this deep melancholy and nostalgia that I hadn't felt since packing up at the old office. But it also felt good to be there and doing stuff--instead of sitting in my room and keeping an eye on my inbox.

2. It's pretty funny to me that our statist overlords in SF and CA are so concerned with public health and demand that we all wear masks while doing nothing about the garbage in the streets and the unmasked bums camped on the sidewalks and wandering public transit. We'll just paint a pretty mural over the boarded up windows--pretty flowers on graves. Make sure we use lots of rainbows and include some empty social justice slogans.

3. The United States has been slowly dying since the early 20th century. What started it? An empty currency? The federal income tax? Increased meddling in the affairs of other nations? Unsustainable social welfare programs? I think it's adorable the way you all think your votes really matter. We are headed down the same path regardless of who you are fooled into electing to public office. Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, socialists, populists--they all view this country as a nation of big, milky tits they and their well-connected friends want to suck dry. Promise everyone everything. Print what you can't borrow, hyper-inflation be damned. We propose to "save the environment" for future generations while leaving them with crushing debt and fiscal ruin. Maybe something better will rise from the formerly united states.

4. This much hasn't changed in my world: Sitting quietly in the evening, a drink in my hand, a record on the turntable or a voice over the radio. The universe feels closer at night.

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