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rsd 2019

I arrived at Amoeba by 6:30am, this morning, for the 8am opening. The line hadn't even reached the end of the block, yet. The guy at the end of the line was an older man who looked half-crazy. In past years, I often ended up waiting in line next to such individuals. Older, half-crazy men always have a really bad cough and want to talk my goddamn ear off and look at my RSD list. I waited until a few more people got in line. They looked lost in their own worlds, so I got in line behind them and got lost in my own world.

I got most of the top picks from my list:

Iggy Pop -- "The Villagers" (7" green vinyl)
Los Destellos -- "Sicodelicos"
Ennio Morricone -- "La Stagione Dei Sensi" (clear green vinyl)
Ennio Morricone -- "L'Antichristo" (7")
Frances McKee -- "Sunny Moon"
Spacemen 3 -- "Live in Europe 1989"
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O -- "Does The Cosmic Shepherd Dream of Electric Tapirs?"
Various Artists -- "Hillbillies in Hell: Country Music's Tormented Testament (1952 - 1974) Volume 8"

I was out of the store within forty minutes. The neighborhood was still fairly quiet. I enjoyed a leisurely stroll back to secret motel, hot coffee in my system and the sun in my face.

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