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rsd 2018

I arrived at Amoeba at 7:30, this morning, for a 9 am opening. I got most of my Record Store Day 2018 top picks:

--Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request" [180 gram splatter vinyl]

--The Stooges [Detroit Edition 180 gram vinyl]

--Ennio Morricone "Autopsy" Original Soundtrack [marbled orange 180 gram vinyl]

--Sun Ra "Astro Black" [black/purple vinyl]

--Sun Ra and His Cosmo Love Adventure Arkestra "Pine Street Theatre, October 18th, 1988"

--Sun Ra "Standards" [swirl vinyl]

The Nico 7" (I'm Not Sayin'/The Last Mile) was sold out. And I didn't see any copies of Sun Ra's "Cymbals/Symbols". But I'm very pleased with my haul.

I wonder if IL has had her baby, yet. Haha, I'm glad it's not mine. I'd rather have records than children. I hope everything goes well for her.

R. has moved out of her family's home. She seemed pretty cavalier about the idea of splitting from her husband, when she was here in January. But, now that it's finally happened, she's having a rough time with it. I offered to pay another visit to San Antonio, when her busy season at work has concluded. She seemed to like that idea.

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