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back at the bee

Got another record in the mail, today. "Ethiopian Modern Instrumental Hits". "Modern" means 1960's and '70's. Pairs nicely with "Ethiopian Hit Parade" which I also recently acquired. Both records have this really big, lush sound with big-band jazz and '60's rock influences going on. And the Sun Ra collection I got, Friday, is a definite keeper. It's magic and beautiful.

In my dream, last night, I was working a late Saturday night / early Sunday morning shift in the packaging & distribution center at my old newspaper job. I was alone in the p&d center (kind of a warehouse) and wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of boxers(which is what I wore in my sleep). I was re-stacking a pallet of newspapers someone else had stacked incorrectly and was in danger of falling over. I felt sleepy in the dream--which is how most of us (except for those who were on the tweak)felt working those graveyard shifts. I finished re-stacking the pallet and put on a pair of pants when co-workers started arriving for their shift. One of them was an older lady who works in my office in real life. Not sure what she was doing there. She doesn't seem like the type that would need or want to take such a job. But she does have that "rough" look a lot of those women had at that job. They were nice ladies, though. Most of them, anyway.

Ha, that reminds me: I worked for a few months with an inventory service. We traveled around the central valley and bay area and took inventory for supermarkets and drugstores. We had a lot of those nice but "rough" looking middle-aged ladies in our group. Once, a customer asked if they were part of a women's prison work crew.

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