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red eyes! red, red eyes!

1) I have nearly completed Day 4 of my 33-day detox affair with sobriety. Every once in a great while, I give myself a system-reset. I am and will be, for the next four weeks, a tea-sipping little monk. I've been going to bed much earlier and getting longer and better sleep. I just want to look and feel better.

2) I found some record labels that specialize in re-issuing film soundtracks on heavy, colored vinyl with new artwork and liner notes. So far, I've acquired "Taxi Driver", "The Warriors", "Crash", and "Naked Lunch". Everything looks and sounds beautiful. I was sad that "Rosemary's Baby" was sold out. Then I received a newsletter stating that they were releasing more copies for sale. I immediately placed my order. So excited.

3. R. and I have been discussing another visit to San Antonio. I was actually there a little over a year ago but never got around to writing about the peaks and valleys of that visit, as I was dedicating all my entries during that time to IL. IL, by the way, is thinking about leaving Dallas for New Mexico. Everyone in Dallas broke her heart. I know the feeling, IL.

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