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death on rollerskates

I've been ill ever since I returned from my Memorial Day weekend visit to R. in San Antonio. The bad news about that trip is that it was a mild disaster; the good news is that R. and I are now back on speaking terms. Maybe I'll write more about that in a future entry. But, for the last few weeks, I've had low energy, sore throat, and a persistent cough that sounds like death on rollerskates. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get some antibiotics to finally kill the phlegm demon in my chest.

IL has been gone a week now. I miss her so much. But we've been talking on the phone almost daily. Cleveland is not going so well for her. The guys she used to make music with aren't too keen on reconnecting and working with her at this point. She had a job interview last week but she's not sure if she'll get the position. And her money is running out fast. She knows a couple in Dallas that run a tattoo shop. They offered her a place to stay and a part-time position as an assistant in their shop. And one of her TL friends is from Dallas and has a lot of contacts. So IL may be making a jump to Dallas soon. A positive development has been that she decided to stop drinking and start attending AA meetings. I am very proud of her and have urged her to maintain her sobriety (meanwhile I'm nursing a glass of brandy, telling myself that it's actually good for my throat and cough). I hope she settles down somewhere soon, so I can go visit her.

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