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shower head

IL left work early, the day after my previous entry. I had no idea why she left early. This was Friday, May 13. I figured she was just taking care of stuff, getting ready for the upcoming move. And I recall feeling kind of bad because we hadn't been hanging around as much. Then she called me late that Sunday evening. "I just had the worst weekend of my life," she said.

Shortly after IL and I started hanging around, she was befriended by this transgendered couple (TC, age 35, and TL, age 25). She usually met up with them once or twice a week. She quickly bonded with them and really enjoyed their company and always had interesting pictures to show me.

So on the morning of May 13, IL got a frantic phone call from TL saying that TL had just woken up, gone into the bathroom, and found TC dead in the shower. Apparently, TC had gotten up earlier that morning, posted a goodbye on her facebook page. She then went into the bathroom, tied one end of a scarf around the shower head, tied the other around her neck and hung herself in the shower.

IL left our office and raced over to their apartment. The police were there when she arrived. TL was out in the hallway while the medical examiner was in their apartment. IL watched them remove her friend in a white body bag. She was afraid that TL might also try to take her own life. So she stayed with her until TL's mother flew in from Dallas. IL returned with them to the apartment that weekend to help them clean up the bathroom. IL stayed with them until they left town.

IL and I went out for drinks after work a few times that following week. We talked about TC and TL. It's all pretty goddamn horrifying. "I gotta get the fuck outta this town," IL said.

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