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RSD 2016

I attended Record Store Day at Amoeba, yesterday. I arrived at 9:30am to get in line for the 11am opening. The original idea was for IL to meet me at secret motel at 9am and for us to walk to Amoeba together. But she overslept and ended up rushing to get to the store for the opening. I had a whole list of items I wanted to get. But I knew she wanted the Patti Smith record ("Horses / Live at Electric Lady Studios"). I made that my first priority, because her priority is my priority. There were many people crammed in the narrow aisles, by the time I got into the store. But I managed to get a copy of the Patti Smith record. Topping my list was a Low/S. Carey split 10" on clear vinyl and a 7" ("Isn't It True") by Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions. I was happy to get both items. The rest of my haul included:

The Fall - "It's the New Thing" (7" blue vinyl)

The Fall - "Bingo-Master's Break-Out!" (7" blue vinyl)

John Coltrane - "The Roulette Sides" (10")

Dizzy Gillespie - "The Champ"

Modern Jazz Quartet - "The Quartet"

Sun Ra - "Spaceways" (blue and white swirl vinyl)

Lester Young - "Blue Lester"

"Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock: 1972 - 1977" (2 LP and 108-page book)

"Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll" (film soundtrack)

IL arrived at the store and was very happy that I grabbed the Patti Smith record for her, as there were only a few copies for sale. We paid for our records and spent the rest of the afternoon buying each other drinks at a bar in my neighborhood. IL gained control of the jukebox and filled the bar with Motown hits, which I much appreciated. Her friend CM joined us. IL is currently staying with CM after I helped IL flee her hotel late one night earlier in the week. IL knows that CM and I will both be terribly sad, when she leaves for Cleveland. So she's trying to get us to be friends. This seems to be working. I like talking with CM and can imagine us hanging around together more often.

The three of us went around to a cafe around the corner for food and wine. But IL began losing altitude after the many drinks we had had at the bar. CM had to meet someone, that evening, so she gave IL the key to her apartment. IL and I got a ride to CM's place in the Mission. Wow, CM has a nice place! It's a one-bedroom on the top floor with a private deck and some really great views of the city. IL reclined in a hammock. It was almost dark outside, the temperature dropping. I grabbed a duvet from the apartment and spread it across IL, so she could stay warm. I pulled up a deck chair and sat beside her. We watched the stars come out, the moon sailing the sky. IL handed me her phone and let me listen to more songs she and her band had recorded in Ohio. I felt very peaceful, looking up at the stars over the skyline and hearing her voice sing in my ear.

We were, after a while, ready for another round of drinks. We found a bar in CM's neighborhood. Then CM rejoined us for a late meal at a Mexican restaurant. The three of us spent the rest of the night talking in CM's apartment. They got me a ride back to secret motel. I arrived at 1:30am and went right to sleep.

I had a wonderful day. I've been having a lot of those, since I met IL.

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