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ruined harbor

Emptiness is the heaviest burden to carry through this landscape of office towers and Christmas lights. I age fast in the musty folds of my coat from another century. All the pretty Asian ladies edge away from me. All the motorists want to run me down. I hope I live long enough to escape this life. Wake up coughing in my coat, fog enfolding ruined harbors of the afterlife. She comes from China with the fog and the wind. She survived the shipwrecks and the sea. I follow her into the dark lighthouse. She wears black tights under her coat and skirt. I kiss her legs and feet. It's the first warmth I've felt this century. I hide my breath in the warmth of her ear. Red wine stains the shipwrecks and the ruined harbor. Radio feedback loops blow through the fog. I miss someone I never knew.

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