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if the future is bright, i hope it is from a mushroom cloud

I stepped out onto the loading dock, this afternoon, and found a co-worker tossing books into a garbage bin. I thought that maybe they were just trade publications or stock photo books brought from a vacated office or cubicle. As it turned out, they were HIS books from his college days. He and his wife were trying to reduce clutter in their house, so he brought two boxes full of books to the office to dump in the garbage bins. He was throwing away literature. I was horrified, FUCKING HORRIFIED! "No, no, no, no, no!" I said. "We can set these out in the mailroom. People will snatch them up fast." He didn't care either way. I salvaged the whole goddamn lot. I set aside a few for myself and put the rest with the extra magazines we get every day. And the books did get picked over pretty fast. I'm so glad. It bothers the hell out of me when people have such nonchalant disregard for such things. Like their little phones and e-readers are such great substitutes. Fuck off. The whole 21st century can suck my dick.

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