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RSD 2014

I went to Amoeba for Record Store Day, last Saturday. I arrived forty minutes before opening, and the line to get in was still around the block. Number one on my list was the Brian Jonestown Massacre / Magic Castles 12" split. It was gone by the time I got there. But I did pick up the following items:

The Black Angels - "Clear Lake Forest" (10" clear vinyl)

Mazzy Star - "I'm Less Here" (7" clear vinyl)

"Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock From Singapore and Malaysia--1964-1970"

Public Enemy - "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" (nice re-issue on heavy vinyl with 3-D cover)

Chad VanGaalen - "I Want You Back" (7")

JFA - "Blatant Localism" (Re-issue of 7" 1981 EP)

Pop Yeh Yeh is my favorite of this bunch. All these bands in Singapore and Malaysia had giant hard-ons for the The Shadows sound. That's a great sound to get erect for. And I have a hard-on for all the pretty ladies who sing on these recordings. This double LP includes a big booklet detailing the cultural background behind this music. It includes histories of the record labels and bios of the musicians involved. Lots and lots of pictures. The ladies look beautiful and amazing. I swoon, I swoon.

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