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earth minus harold

1. I have been away. Again. I was without internet for a while. Until I replaced my router. And I've been ill for most of the week. Excuses. Sweet, tasty excuses.

2. I attended Record Store Day, last Saturday. I arrived at Amoeba about twenty minutes before the opening and still had to wait in a long, around-the-block line to get into the store. They were out of the Brian Jonestown Massacre 10" and the Jandek box set by the time I reached the bins but still captured a few items from my list:

--The Cal Tjader Trio (10" orange vinyl. Vince Guaraldi plays piano on side A.)

--Thurston Moore and Loren Connors "The Only Way to Go is Straight Through"

--"The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil"

--"The Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia"

--A Place to Bury Strangers "Strange Moon" (12" 45rpm on yellow vinyl)

I usually spend hours looking around, when I go to Amoeba. But I was ready to get the hell out of there after forty minutes of being elbow-to-elbow with everyone. I am, as always, glad I attended RSD and am happy with my new sounds.

3. I think R. is angry with me. We had a disagreement about my visit to her in Utah next month. And now I think the whole thing is not going to happen. I was all set to book a flight, but she kept introducing new wrinkles to the scheduled weekend and got angry about my hesitation.

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