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winter day

I told the last lie I had to tell and limped away from the world. My body is full of poison. I wish there was a gun in my mouth. I just want a sunny place to hang and dry my evil raincoat. My lips and fingers split in the winter time. The winter sun dries my overcoat. At the edge of the underpass. The abandoned freeways. I limp out of the shadow. My body full of poison. The gun in my mouth. Let a late afternoon sun seal all the cracks. In the winter time. My mother spitting on my father's grave. I set fire to the Christmas cards. A signature undid itself. Money left in the liquor store. On a windy day. I fell asleep in a leaning house. By the abandoned freeway. The poison in my body. The gun in my mouth. I can't remember your face. But your pretty dress haunts the distance I approach without ever reaching in every dream I wander on a winter day.

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