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dogshit afternoon

I was stocking kitchens in the office, this afternoon. One of the kitchens is near a bay window looking out onto a busy street with lots of cars and foot traffic. I entered the kitchen and saw a woman in a short skirt, her back to me. And as I entered, somone out on the street let out one of those loud wolf whistles. The woman in the kitchen turned and looked at me. I felt fucking mortified, fearing that she thought that I was the one who was whistling and that I was whistling at HER. I did not look her in the eye and grimly went about my tasks, pretending that she wasn't even there. Because a whistler wouldn't whistle at someone and then ignore her, would he? I hope she didn't think it was me. Such perfect timing. That would be a great one to have to explain in HR. "Yeah, it was, um, someone outside. And they just, uh, happened to whistle when I walked into the kitchen."

Stupid things happen to stupid me. Show me a perfectly clean sidewalk. And I will step in dogshit.

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