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flesh & noise

1) I worked sixteen hours, Friday. I had to babysit a bunch of drunk yuppies having their post-holiday holiday party in our office. It's a company affiliated with our company. They were too cheap to book a restaurant or nightclub. I sat, drinking beer, in a chair by the elevator and directed people to the party location and kept them from wandering into unauthorized parts of the building. Many of the ladies were quite beautiful. All of the ladies, beautiful and not-so-beautiful, were unattainable to the likes of me. But that's okay, as I was drinking and wandering about. "You should go get some food," someone told me. But I didn't want to get too close to the flesh and the noise. So I kept going back to my private stash of beer. And some people on the second floor working late had ordered Indian food. I went and got some of that garlic pita bread stuff and talked with random people. I returned to secret motel by 1 a.m. saturday morning.

2) I received birthday cards from R. and my mother on Friday. R. handmade her card and wrote something very sweet and beautiful. I talked to both of them today. My mother turned 72 today. I turn ****ty tomorrow. It turns out that my mother was disappointed about my decision to not visit this weekend only because she wanted me to drive her to Target so she could get a refund for something she bought a while back. R. called me just a couple hours ago. She is a light in my life. I am so grateful to have her as a friend--my only friend in the world, I guess.

Maybe I will go record shopping tomorrow, if the weather isn't too severe. I would like to add more of Thee Oh Sees to my listening experience. I'm not working Monday, so a Sunday of new records and isolation fluid appeals to me. Hecks yes.

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