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everyone i will never know

A co-worker and I left the office at the same time, this evening. She asked if she could walk with me to Embarcadero station. I said yes but explained that I always take a slightly longer route by zig-zagging through the dark and quiet sidestreets. She was okay with that. This surprised me, as I suspect most of my female co-workers think I'm a bit more than creepy. This woman, in particular, probably wouldn't want anything to do with me if she knew that I often picture her naked and riding my dick. So, we made the long walk together and the time breezed by as we talked the whole way. This, too, surprised me as I tend to fall silent after a few minutes of small conversation. And I started feeling protective of her, making sure she was safe as we crossed some of the busier streets. We parted once we reached the station. She headed off to meet her boyfriend. I returned to secret motel to pour my first drink of the evening.

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