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my anger has eighteen wheels

I've had enough of the occupy-anything people. I pass the Occupy San Francisco encampment twice a day. Disgusting neo-hippies squatting under tarps and tents. They have a lot of time on their hands and nothing in their heads. Too bad SFPD is being kept on a short leash (for now, anyway). I would love nothing more than to watch the squatters get teargassed and clubbed, kicked and cuffed, watch the makeshift shanty towns get torn down and trucked away to be incinerated. It doesn't matter to the so-called protestors that maybe other people would like to use and enjoy the public space that they occupy and ruin. So, I say remove them by force. And make it hurt. I get a big hard-on thinking about leftist cunts and assholes being beaten and hauled away. If the police won't do it, the coming winter will. Come the wind and the rain. Come the cold. Wash all the shit away.

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