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twenty years

I am worn and tired. Yesterday, my mother and my youngest sister (visiting from the east coast) saw each other for the first time in twenty years. I was the half-hearted intermediary for the meeting. We met for dinner at a restaurant. I thought it was pretty funny the stiff, awkward hugs that were exchanged. But it went pretty well--so well that my mother invited my sister and my niece to join us at my mother's apartment where we sat talking for over three hours. My niece had all sorts of questions about family lineage. I was surprised and pleased that we all got through the evening without any eruptions. My mother and sister both admitted that they enjoyed the visit.

I came back to SF, this morning. I feel worn and tired. My sister and niece are coming to the city tomorrow. But I have a busy day at work, so I don't know if I'm going to meet them. To be honest, I don't think I have the energy for more family interaction--a little bit exhausts me for a long time. But it will be my last chance to see them before they head back east, so maybe I'll have the energy to work something out tomorrow after I have rested for the night.

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