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static attack it (for Selena)

1. I dug a hole in the wall. The static poured out. I put my mouth over the hole. So I could lick the static. And drink the static. Calm the noise in my blood.

2. I pressed my ear against the mirror. To feel the mirror bend. And listen to the wind in the wall. The wind that is shaped like your name. The wind that blows like a death in reverse.

3. I poured another glass of red wine. After a certain hour, the wine looks so black. I pour it into my body. I fill my body with clouds. My body is full of rainy deserts and deserted coastlines. I moved from the casino into the lighthouse. I moved from the dust into the fog.

4. I wish you were here beside me. Lean your leaning against my leaning. I want to taste the hurricane in your eye. I want to ride all the quakes that shake the cities between your pores. And wake you in the morning with my fingers skating up and down your back.

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