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put my teeth on the moon

Hello, dear imaginary reader. I don't post much here anymore. That is because my brain died quietly inside my head. There are no more pictures, no more thoughts. Everything is just a flat, grey line. I used to be pretty good at this. I could post a satisfactory entry out of invisible air in less than ten minutes. It might be short, but it triggered something in and out of me. And that seems to be gone. For now. Do I disappoint you? I sure disappoint myself. I never thought I would say this: but I miss what I was--or what was inside me. Using me as a vehicle. I want to be a vehicle again. But I roll from stop to stop, and there are no more passengers.

I am sorry. I adore some of you out there. I've always wanted to be more than what I am. But I can never be what I am not. So I will just shut up and recede for now. Because I am horrible. And I am not a nice person. An empty head will be the best for now. I ruin every sunrise and swallow every moon before it can shine.

Good long night for now.


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