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secret motel fest

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here. These days, I'm more of a DL reader than a poster. My brain has changed, I think. I hope that is temporary. I like posting here. And there are things happening that I don't want to write about or even think about right now. I'd rather think about things I like thinking about. Like the Vivian Girls. They played in my neighborhood this past week. I don't see many shows, these days. But I couldn't pass up seeing them--especially when they're playing at a little club fifteen minutes from secret motel. They were so wonderful. I wish I could have them play for me in this room. I think that about all bands I like. That's what I should do: have a secret motel fest. I'll host a music fest in my apartment. All of you are invited. I'll share my beer, wine, and brandy with you, you, and you.

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