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luck, self-application, and vince guaraldi

I am so proud of myself. I bought a new laptop back in November or December. I was setting it up, back then, and suddenly lost the wireless connection here in secret motel. I could not get a wireless connection with the new laptop or the old one. So, ever since then, I've been connecting to the internet via a big umbilical cord stretched across the room. I have, here and there, done some research but never could re-establish a wireless connection. Tonight, I opened a bottle of wine and really buckled the fuck down and applied myself. And I did it! I got my wireless connection back--on both laptops. This gives a nice little upward jolt to my self-confidence. But I think it may have had something to do with me listening to Vince Guaraldi while troubleshooting the shit. If there's any good-luck music in this universe it's the Vince Guaraldi Trio's "A Boy Named Charlie Brown". Heck yes.

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