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red light absence

Hello. I was long ago exiled from the world of forms. Of lust and shadows. I am too low for the grace of women. Kiss me, wine. Kill me, wine. In a quiet hour. Save me from memory. Save me from want. Watching low clouds through something called a sky light. A cloud light. I drink wine when everyone is gone. In the empty parking lot. Under low cloud skylight. The book I read had the texture of dirty carpet. I'll kiss you before the clock turns. If you let me. If you know I'm here and semi-living. I'm no substitute for the men of substance in your life. Even after they go away. Kiss me, wine. Kiss me in the elevator shaft. Kiss me in a cool patch of light after the shadows have gathered. I have nothing else. I have nothing but absence after everyone else has gone away. The women won't kiss me, but the wine will. It will kiss me into the ground. Into the fog. It will kiss me into the absence of memory.

Fuck you. Good night.

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