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coins for the death machine

darling the kitchen burns in the mildew. its all tracks and bottles in the stadium light. put a piece of frozen time in the skin light. darling the morning expires in our web of arms. put the freeway in the spiders mouth. i want to kiss you in expired light. the strip mall is bare. put an empty bottle in this flash of vacancy. i'll see you on the other side of night past the river caught by clock hands. darling there is a feedback loop recycling in the toilet bowl. what has happened to my arms. and who buried my liver. where is all this dying in the casino. i got lost with a chicken dinner. and the ski slopes are full of witchcraft in this slant of winter light. darling i lost you on the escalator. the custodian has a secret in her mouth. where did this lab silence take the cinema. the crime scene proceeds past the toll booth. i put my raincoat on and stained the arrival of evening.

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