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The Family in the Wall of Sound--Live From Corcoran

The most amazing development in recorded music could be at hand. It all hinges on YOU, Phil Spector. Stop being a little bitch, Phil, and accept the fact that you're in prison with people just like YOU, you vile little piece of shit. Here's the beginning of one tiny half-step towards redemption. You get your hands on some half-decent recording equipment and do sessions with Charles Manson. I envision limited-editon colored vinyl releases, the proceeds from which will be donated to the surviving family members of the victims you fuckers murdered.

Isn't Sirhan Sirhan there with you? You must recruit him for the recording sessions. I'm sure he can play something--he's an assassin, after all. And assassins are just creativity misdirected. Maybe see if he can play some percussion behind Charlie's guitar. Except I don't want any of the proceeds to go to the Kennedy's--because that whole family is garbage. And the sooner they all die off, the better.

Anyway, Phil, stop being a little bitch and befriend Charlie already, eh? You're in for the long haul, so you might as well make the best of it, you little shit. Perhaps I'll forward this piece to Anton Newcombe, since he already claims to have visited Manson in prison and helped him with a new arrangement of "Arkansas." At the very least, I'm sure Anton would be thrilled to bring in whatever equipment deemed necessary for this meeting-of-the-minds. And I think he'd love to actively participate in the sessions.

So, Phil, wipe your nose and dry your eyes. And let's make this thing happen, okay?


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