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breath in the grass

We picnic outside the abandoned munitions factory. She eats glue. I drink isolation fluid. Grey wind suffocates small animals in the high dry grass. "What happened to the world?" she asks. My eye lids feel as heavy as my tongue. I fall over in the grass and hope there is enough breath in my lungs to help me survive the grey wind.

I wake up a little bit later. My pants are off. She is naked and riding my cock. She has wrapped my belt around my neck and has tightened it just enough to make my cock hard. I am so excited that I nearly forget that I can't breathe. She looks very striking, riding my cock with the barbed wire fence behind her and the broken windows and leaning walls of the munitions factory. I think I'm about to pass out when she finally releases the pressure she's applying to the belt wrapped around my neck. She collapes onto my chest and rolls off me. There is blood on my cock; it feels cold exposed to the grey wind but stays hard for a few more minutes. I hold her in my arms. Her hair smells like rotting vegetation after a brief rain. "The air tastes like aluminum," she mutters.

I continue holding her, my cock now soft but still covered with blood and exposed to the wind. "It's getting dark out here," I say, listening to the wind rattle the barbed wire fence.

"It's been like that all day long," she says. "I wish I had some more glue."

Soon I'll get up, try to wipe the blood off my cock and put my pants on. I'll poke around in the high grass for a dead animal we can eat tonight.

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