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come the eternal (for tiffany)

Dear red night. Add noise to the speedometer. Remember loneliness and gas stations and hoping to make it to the bookstore or record store before it closes. Call it dear loneliness. Wash my face on the riverbank at 3 am. The grass is it's own light. Call it tomorrow. Drink enough to levitate. I palm a shadow that fell from the tree. I don't go for walks anymore. I did when I was in my 20's. Walked for hours past furniture stores and office towers. Wishing I knew someone like you. My dear loneliness. Standing outside your window, wondering what books you read before bedtime, what records you listened to. Until the neighbors called the police. Walk for hours through circles of streetlight and loneliness. My shadow is darker and more perfect than any patch of grafitti. Meet you at the army/navy surplus store for raincoats and emergency radio. I want to kiss you while the street is empty. Before they bring the bundle of newspapers to the 7-eleven. My breath is hot and tastes like soda and beef jerky. Your breath is hot and tastes like dust and foreign cities I can't pronounce. I stuck myself for years in a studio apartment warmed by the light bulbs. And Sonic Youth will save us all in the leaf-fall night. And touch you, smell your hair, my dear loneliness on the outskirts of town, on the shoulder of 132 East. Shadows and memories keep that old house from collapsing. I want to kiss you there at 4 in the morning, my sweet loneliness. The day is sliding forth like a sheet of metal. And I'm so glad I know you in the rising death of another sun. I'm so glad I know you, my dear sweet distant loneliness.

Hugging you from ecstatic distance,


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