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She cut blue fabric from the sky and made a dress. She wore the dress and walked along a cliff overlooking the sea. Wind sailed in from the sea and chilled her skin. The sun made her head hurt. She finally took shelter in an old house she had been avoiding for many days. The front room was littered with limbs of broken furniture, rusted fishing gear, and pieces of driftwood. The word "permeation" was carved into one of the pieces of driftwood. She smiled and carried this piece with her as she explored the house. The floor of another room glimmered with fragments of a broken mirror. She was glad her reflection had not been in the mirror when it was shattered. She walked up stairways and walked down other stairways. She wished she had brought her camera. The house was mostly bare and therefore contained so much to photograph. She was startled to realize that it was getting dark outside. She didn't want to be in the house once the sun went down. But she couldn't find her way out. She started running and seemed to succeed only in getting closer and closer to the heart of the house which she very much wanted to avoid. She took some comfort in that her dress seemed to illuminate the space around her with a dim blue light. The air was very cold. The piece of driftwood she carried felt like ice. She looked again at the carved letters and found that they now read, "rapemeonit". She threw the piece of wood into the dark. She followed her own blue light into another bare room. There were photographs taped to the wall. She looked closely and saw that they were pictures of a young woman in a blue dress walking along the edge of a seaside cliff. She closed the door and locked herself in the room. She took the pictures off the wall and held them tight as she sat down in a corner near a broken window. She saw nothing but darkness through the window. She heard the faint sound of white noise, what she hoped to be the sound of the surf beating the rocks. She stared out the window and did not sleep all night, waiting instead for the first rays of light to shine through a dress-shaped hole in the sky.

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