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deep hole ends

I want my face photographed in dim red light and shadows, just like The Telescopes on the front and back covers of their "Altered Perception" album. Then post my picture on the telephone poles along the main road up witchcraft mountain. I remember my last summer there when I was ten. My cousin and I would sneak out at night and play with the witch's children in the darkness of the trees. The front porch of their cabin was lit by red lightbulbs. Maybe that's the appeal of "Altered Perception" (beside the great music). The Telescopes kind of look the way those kids looked standing under red lightbulbs on their porch late at night and staring out at the trees. We traded paperback novels with yellowed pages and told lies we couldn't prove and never challenged each other to verify. It was the one summer in my life that I was constantly ecstatic and terrfied. We trespassed across forbidden property patrolled by rabid dogs and moonshiners armed with shotguns. We watched the trees kill the stars. And we went down to the shore and heard the latest drowning victim still laughing in the lake.

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