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polio code

1. I spent the last three days in secret motel creating 22 pages of a new airline disaster. I was in my room the whole weekend and felt like I was hardly there at all.

2. I went to a film last night. When I returned, there were voices in my answering machine saying that they had left something outside my door "on the water spout" (???). I cautiously poked my head outside and took a look around. I saw neither mysterious object nor "water spout." The whole thing was very odd and a little unsettling. I poured myself a glass of isolation fluid, turned the lights down and listened to early recordings by Daniel Johnston.

3. If I were to write a screenplay, it would be based on factual and fictional irrealities of late-era Michael Jackson. And I would only let it be filmed if Crispin Glover played Michael Jackson.

4. Screenplay #2 would have to be filmed by time travelers. It would be based on Daniel Johnston's early adulthood. A younger Crispin Glover would play Daniel Johnston.

5. The wind is a different color today. There is a subtle shift in the route of all corridors. I took your picture into the cellar where I emptied myself, breath by breath.

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