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synchronicity and breakin' shit

The mailroom is closed.

I was listening to Coast To Coast AM on satellite radio Saturday night. Art Bell was interviewing a guy who was some sort of expert on DMT. The subject was fascinating, but the expert had some sort of throat problem making it difficult for him to talk. And it was really painful--and also really funny--to hear. So Art cut him after the first half-hour and went to open lines for the rest of the night. All that drug talk reminded me of "Infinite Jest." I seemed to recall that some of the characters in IJ were going to experiment with DMT. I examined some passages in my copy and found that it was actually DMZ. Michael Pemulis had scored some DMZ. He and his associates at the Enfield Tennis Academy were researching proper dosage, etc.. Anyway, that scene follows the hilarious scene at the half-way house where David Foster Wallace is describing all the residents' assorted tattoos. I started re-reading key passages I had underlined. Many of the residents deeply regretted their body art. Just then, Art Bell took a commercial break. And the first commercial was one I had never heard before. It advertised a product called Wrecking Balm. Wrecking Balm allows you to fade unwanted tattoos. It was one of those moments of synchronicity that makes me clutch my head and maybe even quietly whimper for a moment or two. I've never read any Jung, so I don't know what's going on with synchronicity. I don't experience it often. Still I don't enjoy it one bit.

I just now had to interrupt this entry. One of my co-workers had her purse, wallet, and cell phone locked in a little cabinet drawer in her cube. The lock was stuck and wouldn't turn when she tried to unlock it. So I went up there with a claw hammer and pried the motherfucker open and probably destroyed the cabinet in the process. I have no qualms about destroying office furniture to help a lady in distress. And besides, I really enjoy breaking things.

Good night, dear imaginary reader.

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