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I just watched co-worker K. walk out the door for the last time. Now former co-worker K.. We worked together for six years. He mostly blew off all his work duties (which rather annoyed me) once he found out he was being let go. I thought relief would override sadness once he was gone. But I'm not relieved--just sad. His personality is a lot bigger than mine and thus fun to have around. He will be missed. There were actually four of us that worked here in the mailroom when I first started. But our staff was gradually trimmed over the years. Now it's just me in this big quiet room; my boss has his own office at the end of the hall. I think my first priority should be to get the grand mailroom stereo back into working condition; it's been out of commission for some time.

I think I will return to secret motel now, where the stereo DOES work, and surround myself with sound.

Good night to you, dear imaginary reader.

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