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1. The iris storm has mostly cleared. But I must still instill eye drops for the next few weeks, gradually reducing the airstrike.

2. I was not drunk, by the way, when I entered that last entry Friday. I was under the influence of a couple glasses (FULL glasses, sure) of red wine--but I was not drunk, just a little untethered. All week I had been drafting and deleting entries relating the incident in which I had made an unfortunate pass at L. (Sarah's sister) during her solo visit the previous weekend. I sort of mentioned it in Friday's entry--but I think I tangled the details of that incident with another observation concerning an exhibitionist inhabiting a well-lit window across the street from secret motel. I am still thrilled by that last glimpse of the exhibitionist, and I am still embarrassed about my pass at L.. And I was SOBER when it happend. There have been no further communications between us. I am a horrible, horrible person.

3. I visited Modesto this past weekend. There were a few fascinating incidents I have to share. But those will have to wait until later.

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